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RTM project was born in June 2004 by a group of entrepreneur businessman with several years in experience in the automotive and motorcycles industries.

RTM Group Inc is the only authorized distributor of the RTM products for all the United States territories by RTM International Trading Group (World – International authorized distributor) and RTM Uruguay S.A. manufacturer of the RTM products.

RTM products are manufacture in Uruguay (South America) by RTM Uruguay S.A. that is a part of a group of companies dedicated to the automobile industry for more than 20 years.
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RTM Uruguay S.A.: Three wheeler car manufacture.

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Oferol S.A.: automobile assembling plant for France brands like Citroen and Peugeot.

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Bognor S.A.: Bullet proof car manufacture.



The objective was to create a vehicle that complains with different business requirements and to cover the more possible market areas:    
Power sports and Car dealer:

  • Personal transportation solution.
  • Handicapped – disabled person transportation solution.
  • Hobbies – Fun vehicles.

Rental Operation:

  • Ideal Rental product, more stable that 2 wheels, more safe, 2 persons parallel seating and more.

RV dealers and parks:

  • Accessory to RV transportation solution at destinations.
  • Ideal Rental product as alternative transportation at the RV parks

Others General possible uses:

  • Economical Commuter car alternative.
  • A vehicle for older riders who don't have the strength to lift bikes off side stands.
  • A nice alternative to the "trike" conversions offered now.
  • An inexpensive first car for young people.
  • A "bike" to ride to work when it rains!

The RTM Tango is available in two engines version Tango 50 with a 2 stroke – 49.3 cc – liquid cooled with 5.8ps and Tango 200 with a 4 stroke – 189.8cc – liquid cooled with 16.7ps both with CVT automatic transmission with reverse. RTM Tango are available in four colors red, blue, yellow and white in two tone combination with black.

RTM Tango is register as motorcycles and meets the NHTSA and DOT regulations, as well as EPA requirements. RTM Tango is a street legal vehicle and it’s recommended to check your local DMV on your states requirements for motorcycles. RTM Tango products come with a full one (1) year warranty on parts.




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